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How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning Services in Pine Island, MN

ServiceMaster of Rochester.   Carpets are what make your home or office welcoming, cozy, and comfortable. In order for them to maintain these three attributes, they must be cared for and cleaned appropriately. Follow a few simple steps to help prepare for the carpet cleaning process:  

  1. Vacuum thoroughly. Unless you vacuum every day, there’s a big chance your carpets should be vacuumed before the cleaning service arrives to remove debris and items such as pet hair.
  2. Move furniture. Unless you’re unable to assist, moving furniture prior to the cleaning service arriving will be beneficial so they can get right to work with the carpet cleaning process.
  3. Move or stabilize fragile and breakable items. Often glass vases, picture frames, and other fragile or breakable items are on display on the mantle, coffee table, or elsewhere around the room. Because the carpet cleaning professionals will be moving about with heavy equipment, move or stabilize any breakable items prior to their arrival to avoid them being knocked off and broken.
  4. Make a note of areas of concern. All carpets have areas of concern that need a little extra TLC, such as high-traffic areas, a spot where red wine was spilled, or where your pet decided to mark its territory. Make a note of such areas and inform the professional carpet cleaning service so they can spend a bit of extra time where needed.
  5. Know the location of your water spigots, sinks, and drains. When carpets are deep cleaned, the cleaning professionals may need to add or extract water. Be mindful of where your water spigots, sinks, and drains are located to make the cleaning process easier.
  Following these simple steps will ensure you’re ready for professional carpet cleaning services. At ServiceMaster of Rochester in Pine Island, MN, we understand the importance of deep cleaning carpets at least once a year and have the tools to breathe new life into even the most neglected carpets. We don’t judge—we simply come in, do what we do best, and leave you with carpets that smell fresh and look fabulously clean. Our trained and professional staff stand ready to assist you in all your carpet cleaning needs. Contact us today by calling (507) 282-5747 or visiting us here for carpet cleaning services in Pine Island, MN.]]>