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Fixing Summer Storm Damage with Professional Reconstruction Services in Denver, CO

As Colorado moves away from the chilly, snowy weather, the Denver-Aurora Metro area will finally see some steady, warmer temperatures. As the spring and summer progresses, however, the risks of storm damage increases. If you find yourself coping with storm damage this summer, contact ServiceMaster DSI for professional reconstruction services in Denver, CO.

The dangers of summer storms, from the smallest thunderstorms to severe tornadoes, come in many forms, including:

  • Lightning: A necessary evil of thunderstorms, lightning can be one of the most detrimental aspects of most summer storms. Lightning strikes can split walls, destroy roofs, cause power outages, and strikes close to buildings can start house fires, damage plumbing, and ruin electrical systems.
  • Strong Winds: Winds stronger than 15 mph have the potential to damage trees, loosen building materials, and scar roofs. Stronger winds can inflict significant damage on entire homes and businesses, yards, and cars. Tornadoes, while rare, are not unknown to Denver residents, and northeast parts of the metro area can experience small tornadoes during the spring and summer. The debris carried and dropped by high winds are one of the commonest causes of building damage during most storms.
  • Heavy Rain: The Denver-Aurora Metro area itself does not experience heavy rainfalls often, but that does not eliminate flooding as a danger. Rainfall over the Rocky Mountains and the Front Range can fill the South Platte River and its tributaries to dangerous levels, causing flooding and water damage throughout the urban areas of Denver County. The occasional heavy rainfall over the city can cause pooling around foundations and basement flooding.
  • Hail: Denver is ranked among the top 10 large cities in the U.S. susceptible to experiencing hail storms. The relentless hammering force of hail can severely damage roofs, windows, cars, and more. Melted hail can flood roads, pool around homes and businesses, and leave severe water damage in buildings.

Denver is often considered one of the best U.S. cities to live in, but with all the outstanding qualities to be enjoyed comes the dangers of summer storm damage. You can always count on ServiceMaster DSI for comprehensive reconstruction in Denver, CO. Contact us at 303.288.2900 to place a service request.