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Recover from a House Fire with Fire Damage Restoration Services in St. Charles, MN

ServiceMaster of Rochester to help you pick up the pieces, clean and restore them, and put them back together again.

  1. Safety. The first priority during a fire is the safety of your loved ones and pets. Never try to save your belongings or fight the fire. Get out quickly and call 911.
  2. Insurance company. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. After the fire, if it’s deemed safe to do so, take pictures of the building as well as any damaged personal belongings to help with your fire damage cleanup claim.
  3. Fire damage restoration. After calling your insurance company, contact a fire damage restoration company to begin the cleanup. The sooner cleanup begins, the less damage you’ll have to your home.
Once these steps have been done, it’s time to let the cleanup begin. The process typically entails emergency tarping if your roof, windows, or walls have holes or have caved in. Following that the materials and belongings damaged by the flames, smoke, soot, and water will need to be removed. Depending on the severity of the fire, rebuilding may be required along with restoration and cleaning of walls, upholstery, floors, ceilings, carpets, and personal belongings so you can move back in and get your life back to normal. If you’ve experienced a fire in St. Charles, MN and need fire damage restoration services, contact ServiceMaster of Rochester. Our trained and professional staff are knowledgeable and reliable and have the proper equipment and products to get your home looking and smelling great again so you can get back to life as normal. Don’t let a devastating house fire get you down. Instead, contact us by calling (507) 282-5747 or visiting us here to help you pick up the pieces, clean and restore them, and put them back together again.]]>