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April Showers Bring More Than May Flowers—Choose ServiceMaster of Rochester for Your Water Damage Restoration Services in St. Charles, MN

spring rain “April showers bring May flowers” is a popular saying we often hear. However, April showers can also bring more than May flowers; changing weather, warmer temperatures, and flooding are also common in April. Flooding typically occurs without warning and can leave your home or property in a complete mess. If you’re in St. Charles, MN, and have suffered from flooding in your home, contact ServiceMaster of Rochester for your water damage restoration services. While a flooded home can leave you with a mess, the feeling of loss and anxiety, and helplessness, do your best to remain calm and follow a few simple tips to get your house back in order:

  1. Turn off power to the home or building. We all know that water and electricity don’t mix and that’s why it’s important to instantly turn off the power supply to the home, particularly if you have standing water inside the structure.
  2. Take pictures and contact your insurance agent. Whether you have minimal damage or a total loss of your home and belongings, be certain to take pictures, document what you can, and contact your insurance agent.
  3. Contact a water restoration service. If you have minimal damage, you may choose to do the cleaning yourself. However, if you have significant damage or a near total loss of your belongings and household items such as carpets, flooring, and upholstery, it will be beneficial for you to contact a professional water damage restoration service.
  4. Act quickly. Water can cause significant damage in a short amount of time. Act quickly to try to restore your home and your belongings.
If you have experienced flooding or water damage in your home, have a back-up plan and act quickly. Need help with cleanup in the St. Charles, MN? Stress no more. Contact ServiceMaster of Rochester for all your water damage restoration needs. Our trained, knowledgeable, and professional staff knows what it takes to remove the water and muck, clean and repair, and get you back to normal in no time. If April showers have brought May flowers and a whole lot more to your home, such as flooding, contact ServiceMaster of Rochester by calling (507) 282-5747 or visiting us here. Don’t let flooding get you down. Instead, enjoy life and take some time to smell the flowers while our professionals do the water damage cleanup.]]>