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Make Happy Memories This Memorial Day With Tips to Avoid Fire Damage and Fire Damage Restoration Services in Pine Island, MN from ServiceMaster of Rochester

to your property. Make happy memories this Memorial Day with tips to avoid fire damage as well as fire damage restoration services in the Pine Island, Minnesota area from ServiceMaster of Rochester. Use caution and common sense when firing up the grill, having a campfire, or just cooking inside your home.

  1. Distance of grill. Common sense tells us that keeping the grill a safe distance away from structures will prevent fires. It’s also important to be certain your grill is stable and will not tip over.
  2. Keep your grill clean. A mixture of grease and flames can cause an explosion or a hefty fire. Keeping your grill clean both inside and out will help prevent a fire.
  3. Check propane tank. It takes a few seconds to check the grill’s propane tank before lighting the grill to avoid leaks by making sure the hose and connection are tight.
  4. Fire extinguisher. Always have a fire extinguisher handy in the event of a grease fire. These types of fires can happen anywhere at any time, whether you’re cooking inside your home or outside.
  5. Wear appropriate clothing. If you’re grilling, sitting by the campfire, or cooking an evening meal for your family, wear clothing that doesn’t hang over the flame.
  6. Contain the campfire site. Don’t take the chance of your campfire spreading on dry grass or leaves and never leave a fire unattended. Contain the site of your campfire by using a fire pit or enclosing it with rocks.
Following these few simple tips and using common sense can make your Memorial Day (and every day) memorable and safe. Fires happen every day and can be devastating to your family, your home, and your property. ServiceMaster of Rochester has a team of professional experts if you need fire damage restoration services. Our staff are available 24/7/365 and will give you the peace of mind knowing that your fire damage restoration services are handled properly and efficiently. Contact us by calling (507) 282-5747 or visit us here for all your fire damage restoration services. Make your Memorial Day and summer events memorable by using caution when grilling, cooking, or sitting by the campfire.]]>