ServiceMaster of Rochester

ServiceMaster of Rochester Can Help You Repair and Restore Your Valuables After Water And Smoke Damage with Specialty Restoration Services

  • Clean wood furniture with cotton swabs wetted with mineral spirits. Next, buff the wood with diapers or a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Bronze items should be cleaned with cotton swabs using a mild soap and a distilled water solution. Then immediately buff dry with diapers.
  • Silver and glass objects need to be washed in warm water and a mild soap. Silver should be rinsed thoroughly with water and ethyl alcohol. The alcohol will allow the object to dry faster and prevent any moisture from getting in crevices. Any type of silver piece with plaster should not get wet.
  • For glass items, be careful not to loosen previous repairs.
  • If your life is ever impacted by water damage or smoke damage, contact ServiceMaster of Rochester today to learn more about our specialty restoration services to restore your valuable antiques and fine art in Rochester, MN.]]>