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ServiceMaster of Rochester offers Home Energy Tips

ServiceMaster of Rochester offers Winter Home Energy Tips.  ServiceMaster of Rochester is there when you need us if you have a water or fire loss and even when you just need a good cleaning.  You can learn more about our services on our website at  This Winter we would like to offer these 9 simple suggestions for saving energy in your home.

  1. Take care of leaky windows.  Leaky windows let warm air out and cold air in.  Caulking, weatherstripping, or covering leaky windows with plastic will save energy.
  2. Run exhaust fans sparingly.  After taking a shower, only run exhaust fans for 10-12 minutes.  Many people forget that they are on and leave for work draining heat from your home and spending extra money on electricity.
  3. Switch to smart/programmable thermostats.  Programmable or smart thermostats control the temperature of your home even when you forget to.  They turn down the temperature when you are away and increase it to comfort when you are home.  Today they even can be controlled by your Iphone or Android device.
  4. Sunshine is your friend.  During the day, open your shades or curtains on south facing windows to let the sunshine in.  In the evening close those same shades or curtains as an extra barrier to hold heat in.
  5. Replace your furnace filter.  A dirty furnace filter prevents proper airflow throughout your home and makes your fan work harder.  This also burns more energy in the form of electricity.
  6. Heat the areas you live in with other sources.  If you enjoy your great room, heat that area with a space heater or fireplace rather than heating the entire home to your comfort level.  While doing so, make sure you take appropriate safety precautions.
  7. Close your garage door.  Even if you garage is not heated, heat leaves your home through your garage.  By closing your garage door you provide an extra layer to stop heat loss.
  8. Turn down your thermostat 2-4 degrees.  Even lowering your thermostat 2-4 degrees can save you many dollars each month.  By wearing a sweatshirt instead of a t-shirt you can take a couple degrees less in comfort.
  9. Check your doors.  On many doors the weatherstripping comes loose or even breaks off.  These small gaps can provide for a lot of heat loss each Winter.  Replacing weatherstripping can be a winner for saving energy.

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