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Steps for Coronavirus/COVID-19 Prevention in Homes

ServiceMaster of Rochester is offering these steps for Coronavirus/COVID-19 prevention in homes. Today we hear about what businesses are doing in Rochester and greater Olmsted County. But are there some things you can do in your home to offer your family extra protection and prevent contact with Coronavirus/COVID-19? ServiceMaster of Rochester offers these suggestions.

Start the process by talking with the people that live in your household. Discuss what new steps for prevention you are going to take in and out of the house as well as what to do if contact with a confirmed case happens. If there are high risk individuals present, discuss how they will interact with the occupants.

Next practice everyday prevention actions immediately. Avoid close contact with those who have Coronavirus/COVID-19 symptoms or are sick creating a weaker immune system. Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer when hand washing isn’t available. You may even want to put a bottle of hand sanitizer in each vehicle so you can use it after shopping, fueling, or going to work. Cover your coughs and sneezes. And last, wear a face mask in public areas where you may come in contact with 10 people or more.

Cleaning becomes more important to your family than ever before for the prevention of Coronavirus/COVID-19. ServiceMaster can provide you with deep cleaning services, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. But you can also do cleaning yourself to provide a safe home for your family. Start by cleaning “high touch” areas of your home… items that are touched frequently by many family members… on a weekly or biweekly basis. This would include items like door handles, tables, counter tops and light switches. Use a household detergent & water, EPA registered disinfectant, or bleach solution as directed by the CDC. Remember, some of these products may have negative effects on some surfaces (color changes, delamination) so test the product first.

It is very important that you know what is going on outside your home as well. Where do your children spend their time? With who? Where do the adults in the family work? What precautions does their work take? Ask questions and put a plan together to protect your family when they are away from home so they do not bring something back to the home.

The CDC offers many good resources for your home: 1)“Get Your Home Ready” and 2)“Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home”.

ServiceMaster of Rochester hopes we have helped your family learn more about Coronavirus/COVID-19 prevention in homes. ServiceMaster of Rochester is your locally, family owned Cleaning and Restoration business that knows about Coronavirus/COVID-19 and the proper procedures to prevent or eliminate hazards during a confirmed case. Call us today so our helpful staff can assist you at (507)282-5747.