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There’s Something New in Wood Floor Cleaning; ServiceMaster of Rochester, MN Helps You Make the Most of Your Investment

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  1. Wood floors are expensive.
Initially, yes, wood flooring can be more expensive. However, if properly installed and maintained, wood flooring can last over 100 years. Other types of flooring generally last only about 10-20 years, which brings higher replacement costs.  
  1. Wood floors are hard to maintain.  Wood floors are generally easy to maintain with routine sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. Also, you can consult a professional cleaning company like ServiceMaster of Rochester, who offers first-rate wood floor cleaning services, to help.
  2. Wood floors can scratch easily.  Every type of flooring will show some wear over time, but wood flooring is the only option that can repair itself to look new again. Most scratches are generally in the finish, not in the wood itself. ServiceMaster of Rochester, MN offers a unique system for wood floor cleaning to help with scratches.The ServiceMaster WoodGlo™ System offers two levels of cleaning and protection to hardwood floors. ServiceMaster of Rochester starts with a deep cleaning that uses a special machine to quickly spray water and a cleaning solution onto the floor. This cleaning solution is quickly pulled up from the floor, bringing any ground-in dirt with it. After the deep cleaning, the floor is either restored to a light sheen or a sturdier finish that will protect the floor and add a glossy sheen.
  3. Purchasing wood floors depletes forests.  Wood flooring is actually the most environmentally friendly option available. According to the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service, for every cubic foot of hardwood harvested in the US, 1.66 cubic feet is planted in its place.
  4. Investing in wood flooring doesn’t make sense if you plan to move. Wood flooring can add value to a home, which can potentially raise the selling price.
  • Wood floors don’t provide any warmth to a room. 
Wood as a building material provides excellent insulation.
  1. Wood floors tend to show dirt and dust more than other flooring options.  Every type of flooring acquires dust and dirt; however, wood flooring doesn’t seem to harbor mold, dust, and pet dander as much.
  2. Cutting down trees to make wood flooring contributes to global warming. The main cause of global warming is carbon dioxide; wood flooring is a carbon neutral product.
  3. Wood floors can’t stand up to wear and tear from young children and p      nishes are stronger than others.
  4. Engineered wood floors are not real wood floors.  Engineered wood floors are made out of many different layers of wood. The only non-wood products used are the adhesives that bind the veneers together.
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