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Three Unusual Places Mold Can Grow Without Mold Remediation Services In Rochester, MN

ServiceMaster of Rochester, we offer comprehensive mold remediation services in Rochester, MN. It’s also helpful to be aware of the more unusual places mold can grow. The following three examples illustrate where mold can take root and grow, and if not attended to properly, seriously damage your family’s health if left unchecked. Chimneys: Chimneys can easily collect moisture and organic materials between the cracks of the bricks, making the perfect dark environment for mold to grow. Even with regular smoke and heat flowing through the chimney, mold can still thrive in its hidden crevices. Rusted chimney caps and damaged flashing can add moisture to the mold’s environment as well. Once you have a mold problem in your chimney, it can be difficult to remove completely. Routine cleanings and checkups can help prevent the beginning of a mold growth in your chimney. AC Units: Air conditioning unit filters collect plenty of dust and pollen from the air and eventually trap moisture too. This combination of organic material and condensation makes another perfect place for mold to grow. The problem with mold growing in your AC unit is that it can be released back into the air of your home if it spreads far enough. Clean out your AC covers and filters frequently with bleach and water if you suspect mold growth. Front-loading Washers: Washers can harbor mold because they stay dark most of the time and retain moisture. Front-loading washers often hold lint and dirt that moisture clings to, and the gasket can stay wet if the door is closed right after use. Wipe the glass and gasket dry after using a front-loading washer, and keep the door open to prevent mold growth. You can clean the interior with bleach and water as well. If you are experiencing difficult mold growth in these areas or anywhere else in your home, contact ServiceMaster of Rochester for mold remediation services in Rochester, MN.]]>