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Tips From ServiceMaster of Rochester to make your Home ready for winter!

Fall is upon us and so is the opportunity for you to ready your home for winter and avoid those winter disasters.  Each hundreds of homeowners and businesses in Olmsted county experience losses in their properties due to not preparing for winter.  Many of these can be prevented by following just a few easy reminders:

  1. Disconnect your hose from your outside spigot prior to the temperature going below freezing.  This will eliminate the opportunity for a frozen line which leads to a flooded basement in the Spring.
  2. Change your smoke detector batteries.  Most manufacturers of smoke detectors recommend changing the batteries at least once per year.  WikiHow gives step by step directions if you would like some assistance.
  3. Change your furnace filter and maybe even get a furnace checkup.  A malfunctioning furnace can lead to problems as well as potential fires.  Do not store boxes, clothing or other items that may burn against your furnace.  Allow 2-3 feet of space minimum between the furnace and other items where possible.
  4. Check to see your windows are locked.  On beautiful Fall days having the windows open can be a great way to bring fresh air into your home.  Forgetting to fully lock those windows when it gets cold can lead to excessive heat loss and possible pipe freezes.
  5. Clean leaves out of your gutters.  Snow, ice, and eventually water will not be able to leave your gutters and may cause ice dams later.  This can lead to water getting into your property which should not be there.  Make sure your gutters are clean and water can flow away from your property.
  6. Check your landscaping.  Seepage of water into foundations is usually something that is not covered by insurance.  Fall is a good time to make sure your landscaping around your building allows for water to drain away and not towards the building.  Adding a little dirt or changing the landscaping might save you from big problems in the Spring.
  7. Check sealers and caulk on your home or building’s exterior.  You may need to caulk cracks and crevices that would allow water to penetrate your foundation, siding, or windows/doors.
  8. Be aware that excessive use of candles can cause smoke damage in your home.  We all like the scented candles around the holidays.  Purchasing quality candles, keeping candles from drafty areas, and trimming the wicks can prevent excessive smoke from the candles that is attracted to cool surfaces.  Soot damage can occur through repeated, heavy use of candles.  US Candle Company gives some great information… “5 Easy Ways to Reduce Candle Soot.”  Unattended candles are also one of the leading causes of fire in homes.

ServiceMaster of Rochester is here to help you clean up your business or home in the Fall before Winter as well.  We offer services like Carpet Cleaning, Wood Floor Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and many more.  Have a great Fall and call ServiceMaster of Rochester at (507)282-5747 for all your cleaning and restoration needs!