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Tips to Protect Yourself And Others from Coronavirus/COVID-19

Coronovirus (COVID-19) appears that it is going to be here for a while. Until there is a vaccine or cure it is important that everyone does there part to minimize its impact. Here are a few simple Tips to Protect Yourself And Others from Coronavirus/COVID-19 from ServiceMaster of Rochester.

  1. Know How It Spreads. This is a person to person virus. Avoid close contact by maintaining a 6 ft space between people. The virus travels easily through coughs, sneezes, or talks so cover your mouth. Last, recent studies show that COVID-19 can be spread by people that do not show symptoms.
  2. Wash Your Hands Often. This list is long but includes: before preparing or eating food, after using the restroom, after leaving a public place, after coughing or sneezing and before touching your face to name a few.
  3. Avoid Close Contact. In you house with your family you may be in close contact. With non-family members establish the 6 foot safe distance practice. Outside your home always establishing your 6 foot safe distance is a must.
  4. Monitor Your Health. Be on the look out for symptoms. For a list of symptoms that is updated on a regular basis go to the CDC Website.
  5. Clean and Disinfect On A Regular Basis. Clean and Disinfect High Touch Areas of your home and business on a regular basis . This includes tabletops, light switches, handles, doorknobs, phones, keyboards, computer mouse, toilets, sinks, and faucets. Clean first with soap and water followed by a EPA registered disinfectant. For EPA register products that can be used against SARS-COV-2 see the EPA Website.
  6. Wear A Mask In Public. Whenever you are in close proximity to others or in public wear a mask. The CDC estimates that up to 30% of people have or have had COVID-19 without showing symptoms. Not only are you protecting yourself but you are protecting others as well.

ServiceMaster of Rochester is your locally owned professional cleaning and restoration company that has the expertise to assist with Coronavirus/COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection. Contact us if you have a need for our services or have questions at (507)282-5747 or at this link.