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Understanding When You Need Mold Removal in Rochester, MN

mold removal services in Rochester, MN. Mold is a kind of fungus. It grows in a different way than mushrooms, which we’ve come to know as “normal” fungi. Mold forms tiny strands called hyphae that are all part of an organism network called mycelium. Molds appear different because each kind has different conidias, asexual spores growing at the tip of each strand. Even though we think of mushrooms and other fungi as plants, they don’t get their food from photosynthesis like other veggies. Fungi live off of organic matter, so that means mold is actually eating whatever it’s sitting on. This is why mold will start to degrade wood, paint, drywall, fabric, and even metal. It’s also why all molds need moisture to grow. Without water, mold can’t release the enzyme that breaks down starch and cellulose for food. Molds reproduce through a spore system. The existing strands release small spores that hold at least one nucleus. These spores can be either asexual or sexual, but either way will quickly form a robust spore-producing factory of hundreds of strands. The reason why mold grows so rapidly is because many kinds of mold can be both sexual and asexual at the same time, using both meiosis and mitosis to reproduce. Even though it can grow on almost any surface, mold can only be seen to the naked eye when large colonies are formed. This means that there could be mold in your home or business that you can’t see yet. If the mold is growing in a small amount, it hasn’t yet formed a system of hyphae. Even though mold is invisible at this stage, it still has the potential to form larger colonies in the blink of an eye. Molds are complex organisms that can cause dangerous health risks and damage to your home or business. To professionally solve mold problems, contact ServiceMaster of Rochester for mold removal services in Rochester, MN.]]>